Belt conveyor system for portioning

Belt Conveyor System For Portioning 6m BeltBelt lenght : 300 cm. The average capacity on the belt is 5-6 trays.The belt system is textile based, the edges are protected and alsodurable for the sctraches. The conveyor system is fixed on a profile frame base. System works with start and stop button. The speed of the belt can be adjustable. The emergency button is fixed on the control panel in case of emergency stop needed. The sensor helps providing the tray jam and also tray falls from the conveyor belt system. With the help of this sensor the tray which will come at the end of the conveyor will stop and it will not fall down from the belt or the trays will not stack on each other and will not create a tray jam. The belt will not move unless the tray is picked up from the end of the conveyor. The belt is durable for the wet and humid working conditions. The belt textile is ISO certificated. Belt is flat and smoothso the trays can move easily on it.Electric connection is : 380 V - 50/60 Hz - 1,5 KW - Reverse direction is also possible.Dim 6000x700x850 mm
Made in turkey 
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