Rotary oven Electric operated

Rotary oven Electric operated 
Perfect high density fiberglass insulation.
Control panel: mechanical, 
Double glazed cooking chamber door,handle in special design for ease of use.
Easy loading/unloading of trolleys from platform or hook.
Easy maintenance and cleaning.
Lights inside the cooking chamber to ensure complete visibility. Production per hour 131 KG
Cooking chamber, heat exchanger, and steel door.
Automatic evacuation system, Built-in steam generator.
 Electrical system and safety devices according to CE standards.
1 trolley with 18 level included 
No. of Trays 18 - 60x80 cm Rack distance 8.8 cm
Temperature 380°
power: 380 v / 50/60 hz / 50.4+2.2 kw.
Weight (Kg) 1260
Oven dimensions (mm) 1450 x1950x2200
Model - RMP6080/18EM, RM Forni made in Italy
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