Industry Doner- Gyros robot

Industry Döner- Gyros robot 
Doner Robots have been produced by using advanced mechatronics techniques.
Thickness of cuttings can be adjusted upon demand 
Operating and using the robot can be learned in a short time thanks to its ease and remote control. 
Robots are durable since they have been produced with high quality materials. 
Takes up less space thanks to the body designed as a whole 
Bain Marie: Yes
Cutting: 15 ° Max
Dim: 780 x 930 x 1165 mm
Max. Döner-weight: 80 kg
Max. Döner-height: 630 mm
Max. Döner diameter: 460 mm
Cutting programs: Conical / Flat
Gas: 4  burner
Electric: 7.8 / 9.0 kW
Remote Control: Yes
PT 080-BMR,potis,Made in Germany
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